Valuations for Motorhomes – How Are Prices Determined?

If you were wondering how motorhomes for sale are priced, then you should know that they most likely are priced based on the average manufacturer’s suggested retail price or the M.S.R.P.  This pricing system is what’s behind the Blue Book and the NADA, two very essential pricing guides that should help you make a fair valuation on your RV based on class, make and model.

Relying on the MSRP means that you are getting a fair price based on how RV owners and dealers alike give value on RVs based on objective and subjective features. The objective features are rather easy to tell – mileage, amenities, upgrades and the overall conditioning of the RV will come into play. These factors will most likely make or break the entirety of the RV’s price.

The other features will fall into the subjective eyes of the buyers and sellers. Things that precede the RV in terms of looks will also play a factor but will not change the price significantly. But remember, an ugly RV will sell much harder compared to a beautiful looking one. So while the subjective features such as the paint job, cleanliness and beautifications (curtains and the likes) do not give you a numerical price value, they can always push the price and the saleability of the RV upwards.

Remember to use the Blue Book and NADA to your advantage at all times. They will surely help you negotiate with even the most experienced RV dealers in every transaction that you will find yourself in. But don’t get stuck in the book; learn a few tricks of the trade through experience. That way you maximize your skills as a future entrepreneur in the industry of RV buy and sell.

Even if you’re just a person looking for a motorhome and don’t want to get into the thick of the business, a simple lookup can save you thousands of dollars in one single shot.

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