There Are Two Major Factors Affecting Classic Car Insurance

Two of the major factors that affect car insurance premiums are the age and the type of the car. This is the factor that is borne in mind when the insurance companies provide quotes for classic car insurance premium.

Of course the preliminary insurance quotations should be researched for. There are many car insurance companies which offer some very remarkable offers for classic car insurance premiums. But what is to be borne in mind are the two factors mentioned above amongst others to ascertain whether the quotation provided is correct or not.

Where Classic Car Insurance is concerned there are many factors that affect it. But for now let us restrict ourselves to the factors that have been mentioned above. The first factor that we will take into account is the age of the car. Under normal circumstances if the age of a car is more, then the insurance premium quoted is more. This is because the older a vehicle gets, the higher are the chances of it getting stalled or damaged. Also because the original parts will be old, their life will automatically be reduced and the chances of them getting damaged are higher because of the frailty of the parts. Hence the chances of claim being made are higher and hence the insurance premium is higher. Under the normal circumstances any car older than fifteen years is not insured. But because there have been consumers who have got classic cars and they demand insurance cover, insurance companies have come up with a whole new section of car insurance for classic cars which offers insurance for classic cars though at a higher premium cover .

The second factor pertains to the car being a high performance and high maintenance vehicle and in accordance to which the insurance premium amount is calculated.

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