Origins Of The Jeep

Before you start looking at Jeeps for sale you might want to know a little random knowledge about how this awesome vehicle came into being. You might appreciate your Jeep that could not drive otherwise.

At the beginning of WWII the US military wanted a simple vehicle that could carry 600 pounds and have 4 wheel drive with a wheelbase under 6.25 feet. They asked over 130 automobile makers. Only three opted to try this feat.

The Jeep was the end product that the Army ended up using. The origin of the name is uncertain but it was abbreviated as GP which if said quickly does sound like “jeep”. The US even followed up the jeep with amphibious  ”seeps” made in 1942.

In 1946 the CJ was made, standing for Civilian Jeep. Various versions of this jeep have been on the market for years. They were nicknamed flat fenders, well, because the fenders on the front were pretty flat. You may recognize one of the newest jeep incarnations, the Wrangler. This modern car has its origins all the back in 1942.

In 2004 Ford came out with a new model with a lot more room for storage due to an expanded wheelbase but still everything else that made people love jeeps in the first place. This was the “Unlimited” model.

The company that makes jeeps has changed hands multiple times. It has switched from Willy to Kaiser and then American Motors in the 70s. In 1987 Chrysler purchased it but then merged with Mercedes which is the combined company that makes jeeps today.

Over time this amazing vehicle has gone up and down in popularity. Its production keep AMC going in the 70s and 80s. Knowing the origins of the jeep can help you pick the proper model when you look for jeeps for sale. After all, if the foundation was good enough for American soldiers shouldn’t it be good enough for you?

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