Multi Car Motor Insurance For Dummies

It is very common for most households to have more than one vehicle to insure, and now motorists that have more than one car can take advantage and obtain a multi car insurance discount. This only applies when two individuals insure their car that resides at the same address.

So if you are a motorist that does have two or more cars at your home address, you should definitely look out for insurers that give a discount for multiple cars insured. It could save you around 25 percent if you and your partner take out a car insurance policy from the same provider. The big known insurers that currently offer this type of discount are Amiral, More Than and Aviva. Check these providers out first and get a quotation for both vehicles, and then see what affect it has on the price for insuring both vehicles with the same company.

Motorists will be glad to know that there are more things that they can do to get more savings when buying their motor insurance. Think about increasing the excess on the policy. Increasing it to a much higher amount will in most cases reduce your overall premium to a lower amount. However, don’t forget that paying more excess means paying out more in the event of a claim. So make sure you can afford the excess payment if you do decide to opt for this tactic.

Try to reduce the number of miles that you clock up on an annual basis in your car. Policyholders that drive less than 5,000 miles per year can achieve more savings. There are many things that motorists can do to reduce their mileage. One of them is to car share with a work colleague, another is to try and use public transport more.

Have you got an immobiliser or alarm fitted on your vehicle? It will not only keep unwanted individuals from stealing or gaining access to your vehicle, but it could help reduce your premium too. Some insurers will discount your premium if you have a car alarm fitted.

When getting a car insurance quote for your vehicle it is all about getting discounts to help achieve you more savings. Take a look at Liverpool Victoria car insurance if you want a value for money deal. Get a quote from them now.

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