Modifying Cars – Audi Coilovers And Scion XB Coilovers

Many people are quite into car customization these days. Of course, we can always drive around in our stock car but if we are after improved performance, better car handling, and a paint job that is sure to make people’s heads turn, modifying our car is certainly an option we would want to consider. However, modifying our car can mean investing a large sum of money on it. If you cannot invest a large amount of cash on modifying car but you wish it can have better handling plus an urban look, installing coilovers would be a good option. And there are several coilovers we can find out there, from Audi coilovers to Scion XB coilovers.

Why are coilovers so popular? Among all the other forms of car mod setup, coilovers are definitely among the most popular. In theory, they help lower the center of gravity of your car. And with the center of gravity lowered, body roll is reduced. With reduced body roll comes improved handling, and this is the very reason why many car enthusiasts would want to have the right kind of coilover for their car. There are several aftermarket parts manufacturers out there that have developed different kinds of coilovers specific to car makes and models, just like Audi coilovers and Scion XB coilovers.

However, the handling of the car is not only determined by its center of gravity. There are still several other factors involved. These factors include the dampening system, side-walls of the tires, spring rate, unsprung weight, geometry of the suspension and tire grip. Now all these can be confusing but with the help of a professional auto mechanic, you can definitely select and install the right kind of coilover for your car.

Apart from Audi coilovers, Scion XB coilovers, and other make and model specific coilovers, there are still two different kinds of coil over spring strut system: true coilovers and the sleeve type ones. Simply put, there can only be several options out there that you can easily end up undecided as to which one to purchase. The key is for you to get expert advice or recommendations from professional mechanics and well-experienced car enthusiasts.

So if you are looking for Scion XB coilovers, Audi coilovers or some other type of suspension system for your car, always remember to get to know more about them before you even decide to purchase one. In this way, you can truly get what you are looking for and have the best value for your money.

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