How to get the best deal on eBay Motors

Buying a car can be a financial minefield, but the auction format offered by eBay Motors can be a surprisingly good way for a buyer to get good value for money. For one thing, buying a used car saves you money, not only on the original price, but with lower ongoing costs for insurance. Secondly, if you pay in full, you’re avoiding an expensive car loan. And best of all, you can set your price limits from a distance, without being pressured or put on the spot by used car salesmen. So here are some tips to make sure you’re getting the best deal you can:

Tip 1:  Go for Low Mileage
There are no guarantees when buying a car, but the mileage gives you your best guess at how worn out (or not) the parts of a car will be, although it won’t tell you how it was driven. So go for the lowest mileage you can find and afford to have the best chance of a reliable car that will last longer.
Tip 2: Save on Auto Insurance

Get online quotes and do price comparisons to ensure that the vehicle you are considering is affordable to insure. Ask your auto insurance agent for any guidelines they can offer to help you save money in your choice of vehicle. For example, an RV may require specialist RV or campervan insurance, while even an SUV is likely to cost more to insure than a compact car. On the bright side,  secondhand campervans or cars are likely to cost less to insure than new ones.

Tip 3: Check the Kelly Blue Book

The Kelly Blue Book has a website where you can enter a car’s location, make, model, age and condition and it will tell you how much it is worth. You could also look on Craigslist to see what similar vehicles have been listed for sale through their classified ads recently, and how much they are listed for. If the car you are interested in is for sale in another area, bear in mind that the going rate for that car could be different there, depending on how well off the area is and how many there are on the market. You might find it worthwhile to buy your car from somewhere else and have a road trip back in it.

Tip 4) Factor in different fuel costs

Check the fuel efficiency of different vehicles, and consider how these differences will add up at the pump. Some differences are obvious, for example the gas guzzling, heavy class A RVs will always use up more fuel than a compact car, because they weigh so much more. But in othere cases, there can be surprising variations between apparently similar cars, for example SUVs are notoriously inefficient, but some do get more miles to the gallon and so are cheaper to run than others.

5) Get a CarFax Report

A CarFax report checks the title to ensure the car is owned free and clear, and also reports information about the number of previous owners the car has had, any accidents it has been involved in, and smog checks and associated repair and maintenance history.

Finally, as always, get something you like that’s a good fit for your lifestyle. If it’s worth paying extra for something that brings you that much more happiness, then that’s your call, and go for it, because you’ll know that your purchase was an informed decision.

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