Consider a Carport to Store Your Second Vehicle

After you purchase your second car or perhaps a recreational vehicle, you need to to deal with the issue of where to safely and securely store your new purchase.  Anything left exposed to the elements will depreciate in value at a greater rate than those items that have been stored properly.  This is especially true for those people that live in areas that have harsher climates.  An abundance of sun or snow or even salt water spray will only add to the depreciation of your new vehicle.

The safest and most secure option is to store your new vehicle in a locked garage.  If you have an existing and empty garage, then your decision is easy.  However, for the majority that do not have a garage another solution must be found.  The cost of building a new garage might be cost prohibitive.  Therefore, the next best storage option is likely a carport.

A carport is relatively easy to build and is significantly less expensive than building an entire garage.  The carport will act to protect your vehicle from most of the damaging elements.  Carports can either be stand alone structures or can be attached to an existing building.  The benefits of the attached carports are two-fold.  You will save on the cost of construction materials as one half of the carport will be partially supported by the existing wall of the building.  The other benefit is that the carport will be partially enclosed by the existence of the building and will therefore will provide proportionately more shelter and protection to your vehicle.

You can find an assortment of carport plans online but the easiest and most cost effective manner in which to build a carport is with a carport kit.  Carport kits can be found online or can be purchased at most big box home renovation stores.  Aluminum carports are those most type of carport built from a kit.  This type of carport can be assembled in little more than a weekend and generally only require a wrench, a hammer, and a screw driver. Wooden carport kits are also available.  Both types of kits come with previously cut and drilled materials and you simply screw the materials together.

If you are considering a carport, you should start with an internet search.  You will be able to find carport distributors in your area.  The cost of constructing a new carport to store your new vehicle will be recouped over the years as a properly stored vehicle requires less repairs and will depreciate at a slower rate.

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