Buying A Used Car Online

The list of things that can purchased online is growing everyday as more and more people find the web is a great way to get deals on all kinds of items.  The internet has been called the great equalizer because it is so easy to check the prices from other vendors.  It used to be that the only competition for products was other sellers within a 50 to 200 mile radius.  A distance that could easily be driven.  If you couldn’t drive somewhere you couldn’t find out what they had for sale and at what price. With the information available from the web, though, a buyer can find out the price for items all over the world with just a few clicks of the mouse button.

Online cars for sale are the new hot market.  This is great as a way to start the sales process but I certainly would not purchase a car solely online.  Even if you do all the dealing online and then pick the car up from the seller be sure to do a good inspection before you actually hand over the money.  My uncle learned this lesson the hard way.  He purchased a car online from the Midwest.  They did all the dealings on the web and the seller assured by uncle that the car was in great shape.  To close the deal, my uncle flew to Iowa to pick up the car and drive it back home to the West Coast.  The car certainly looked good; the body was clean and straight and the interior and engine looked OK.  He drove it and it seemed to drive fine so he paid the seller and drove the car home.

Once he got back to the West Coast with his new to him car he drove it into his garage and put it up on car ramps.  When you looked underneath he was aghast.  The whole underside was rusted out.  In the Midwest the snow in the winter is melted using salt and over the years the salt had rusted everything.  Instead of a great deal on a care, he ended up with a bucket of rust.

The lesson here is to always check the car out before spending your hard earned cash.  If at all possible you should take the car to a mechanic to have it looked over.  This is not very expensive, maybe $50 or $75 but it can save you thousands down the road.  Remember the story of my uncle.

Buying a car on the internet is not a bad idea because you can usually strike a good bargain, just be sure you check out the car before you hand over the money.   You will have thousands of available cars to choose from so pick the one that looks like the best deal.

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