Buy Snell certified helmets

If you are going to buy a new motorcycle helmet, make sure you try it on first at the store. A properly fitted helmet should not move more than 1 cm inside your head. Whenever possible, choose full face helmet designs as they protect your head much better. Old-school, or retro motorcycle helmets do not work as well. They may be more comfortable to wear, however they may also fall off during a motorcycle crash or fall. The reason for this is because the single chin strap mechanism is not adequate to keep your helmet on during violent collisions.

Make sure that the helmet you are interested in buying is either DOT or Snell certified. It is not certified, it falls into a helmet class known as novelty helmets. Novelty helmets have not been tested or certified by independent laboratories. These may be cheaper, however keep in mind that the only thing which protects your head during a fall is your helmet. This can mean the difference between life or death. DOT certified helmets have gone through rigorous tests to make sure that the helmet can absorb the impact forces of collisions without cracking or breaking. They also test the visor as well to make sure that objects such as rocks do not penetrate causing potential eye damage.

Most of the time during motorcycle accidents, the driver of the car usually states that they never saw the motorcycle coming at all. Buying a brightly colored helmet can increase your chances of surviving. Do not buy black helmets, as they are not as visible to cars. This is especially true during nighttime riding, as visibility is decreased. According to insurance companies, most motorcycle riders will be involved in at least a single accident during their lifetime. Unfortunate, most motorcycle riders know at least one person who has been fatally killed in a riding accident as well. Choosing a properly fitted helmet can increase your chances dramatically of surviving and living to ride another day.

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