Advantages of Owning a 50cc Moped

Mopeds are small bikes that have motorized engines to drive the vehicle. People are more conscious about the carbon footprint and are turning to environment friendly vehicles. According to most of the vehicle dealers, the 50cc moped is the best selling size. There are various reasons for their popularity. They are small in size and easy to handle. They can be easy driven many places without a license. Of course you need to use appropriate clothing and helmet when you drive a moped and be sure to comply with all applicable laws.

There are various benefits of owning a moped. The greatest advantage is its low cost. A moped will cost you only about $500-1,500. These mopeds can hold a weight of around 240-260 lbs. Many also have a large storage area below the seat which is big enough to hold a helmet. They consume very little fuel. This is due to their small size and light frames. Mileage is about 80-100 mpg. Maintenance costs are very low and so are the insurance costs. There are many affordable insurance plans for mopeds and scooters. If  you maintain your vehicle properly, you will not need to spend additional money on repairs.

The economic and ergonomic mopeds usually have 4 stroke engines which are known for great performance. Since the size is small you don’t have to be worried about the parking space because it will only require a small area. If you are planning to buy a moped, you can approach the dealers in your area. If you want to look at various options you can browse through the websites that have motorcycles, bikes and scooters for sale online. Like the 50cc mopeds, a 50cc gas scooter too offers a good gas mileage. So owning a moped is more advantageous than having other two wheelers.

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