4 Tips To Pay Lower Motor Insurance Premiums

There are many things that determine the amount of insurance premiums you pay, but one thing is certain; insurance premiums particularly learner driver car insurance premiums are going up. You probably pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in car insurance. But you might be interested to know your insurance rate is dependent on many factors including your insurance company, your age, your driving record, the kind of car you own and drive and even where you live.

Even though car insurance is expensive there are few drivers who feel comfortable without it. Third party car insurance is necessary for all registered vehicles but this type of cover only protects other drivers in the event of an accident. It doesn’t cover your car or you. To get this kind of cover you have to pay extra.

To save on auto insurance premiums for comprehensive coverage you have to have a good understanding of the way car insurance companies operate. To help you along I’ve compiled a list of 4 tips to saving money on your car insurance.

To start saving on car insurance you have to compare policies. It’s amazing, but the highest and lowest cost cover for the same policy can differ by hundreds of dollars in different insurance companies. There are several places you can go for information. First, contact your local state insurance department. They often have great information about policies and the rates you should pay. Next, go to family and friends and ask about the kind of insurance they have. Finally, go online and look for consumer guides and comparison websites.

Besides cost there is also a very important service element associated with choosing insurance. Not all companies respond in the same way when you make a claim. This is very important. You don’t want to have to fight to get a broken taillight fixed. You want action. So after you have narrowed down your choices to the three best go and approach these insurance companies and talk with them about what they are willing to offer you service wise.

The next way to save money on auto insurance premiums is by choosing a higher excess. The excess is the amount of money you’re willing to pay before filing a claim. In many cases it is about $200 as a standard, but if you increase this you could save up to 25% a year. Just make sure that whatever amount you choose as your excess is an amount of money you could comfortably pay if you had an accident.

All insurance policies aren’t the same. Some include more extras than others, like collision, uninsured motorist cover, accidental damage and property theft. If you can tailor your policy by picking and choosing some of these extras according to your circumstances you are possibly going to save more and more.

If you’ll do a bit of research up front, before you decide on a policy, you’re going to be in the best position to save money on your premiums. After you’ve signed a policy it’s generally too late. Look at the different companies, different policies, excesses and extras. When you see how much you can save you’ll be glad you did.

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