2 Post Lift Buying Tips and Advice

An affordable car garage lift is the 2 post lift. While it is not a car storage lift, it still performs the same as its more expensive counterpart.  The 2 post lift is a compact machine for both the amateur and professional mechanic.  Two post lifts are suitable for those who need a small machine to raise a car off the ground in order to facilitate work from its underside. Before purchasing a lift, the consumer should remember some important points.

A lift’s price may be a buyer’s first consideration but that would be an error.  Two post lift prices cost are between $1,000 and $3,000 with the actual purchase price depending upon the load capacity and the manufacturer.  The lift maker is an important part of a purchase decision.  Less familiar brands may be have least costly initial price but the company may not be there if buyers need them. Recently there has been a trend of instability of lift manufacturers with some makers tending to operate for only short periods before going out of business.  Because of the business situation, name brands are probably the best bargain for the purchaser in the long run. They are there if parts or repairs are needed.

A 2 post lift is not delivered assembled.  That job is the buyer’s responsibility.  Fortunately sections of lifts are factory built but several people are still needed to put them together because the weight. Anyone with mechanical ability can do the assembly but an option that is always open is to pay someone else to do the job.

It is necessary to perform regular service on 2 post lifts to insure they remain safe.  Service at intervals of about two years is usually adequate.  If instructions for service are not included with instructions received with a lift, the manufacturer can supply them.

Both the car hobbyist and professional mechanic will be happy with a machine like the 2 post lift that raises a car off the ground for ease in working on it. In addition, there are four common reasons a 2 post lift is a good purchase. They are economical, assembly is relatively easy, lifts are safe if used properly and, with protection from the elements, they give years of service.

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